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The kitchen will give an alarm from the steam generator

How to Destroy a Boiler -- Part 1 - NBBI

For example, a steam drum that is operating at normal water level has the bottom half of the drum cooled by water and the top half by air initially and steam eventually. If one starts to fire the boiler from a cold start, the water will heat up very quickly in the drum and the bottom half of the drum will expand much more quickly than the top half which is not in contact with water.

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on and pump off) which will give fixed switching levels. A capacitance probe can be used to give adjustable on/off switching levels. In the UK, on/off type control is almost universal on boilers below about 5 000 kg/h steam generation rate because it is (In

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26/8/2020 · 14. The steam drum air vent is normally opened when cooling down a boiler to. A. Relieve any residual air pressure in the drum. B. Prevent a vacuum from forming in the steam drum. C. Reduce the pressure in the steam drum more rapidly.

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